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What is MarmoGranito?

In the digital age, in which more and more items are sold online through websites, we at MarmoGranito have also thought of selling online the products that we have been working on and selling locally for over 50 years.

So as a company that has traditionally worked in the stone industry for over 50 years, we decided to create this sales platform to provide a useful, fast and user-friendly tool for all our visitors.

The key concepts were two: firstly, to make each product as tailor-made as possible, thus creating thousands of combinations of articles, brought together in a clear and simple sales platform.

In addition, being able to offer our craftsmanship in a different way from the usual website, typically characterised by standardised products for the mass market.

What came out of it is an e-commerce site dedicated to the sale of stones such as MarbleGraniteTerrazzoCeramics and Quartz that turned out to be a win solution, a synthesis of handcrafted quality but with prices for an online platform, derived from innovative production methods.

Thus was born Marmogranito with four core concepts; to be easy, cheap, fast, safe.

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